Our Mission

Why build a "Rate My Team" site?

Prevalance of RMTs

Every year after the FPL game opens but before the season starts and during periods of wildcard activity, FISO posts, Fantasy Football Scout comments pages, and social media including the FPL sub-reddit, facebook and twitter are awash with RMT requests. These requests come from new and experienced players alike and are a theme on almost every fantasy football related site, blog and forum that I've ever visited. RMTs are a key part of fantasy football, but they also have cause problems.

The Blessing and the Curse

RMT requests when posted on discussion boards, comments and in social media suffer from several issues:

  • They are often lost in a sea of posts and get no attention.
  • Feedback can be mixed in with other unrelated or off-topic discussion.
  • Comments will focus on one or two "problems" but won't give you an overall feel for how strong the good parts of your team are, or which areas are strong in relation to others.
  • Given the general lack of consistent structure and "browseability", it is also almost impossible to quantifiably compare RMTs for two different versions of your team, or to compare two completely different FPL teams (to work out why one might be viewed as "better", or where your team is weak in comparison for example).
  • One of the biggest issues with all current RMTs is that it can be hard to identify if the advice you are being give is worth listening to - how can you judge the validity of comments given to you on Reddit for example if you don't know the poster or their relevant FPL credentials?

I believe that RMTs are integral to the fantasy football community, but that they deserve their own special place in that community. The excellent editorial and articles already produced in abundance by the amazing fantasy football bloggers, writers and analysts should not be clogged up by RMT requests, and the RMTs themselves deserve the chance to shine rather than be relgated to comments pages and screen shots in the footnotes of unrelated articles.
RateMyTeam.uk Founder

You could say that RMTs in their current varied guises are both a blessing and a curse.

RateMyTeam.uk - the new home for all RMTs

The idea of RateMyTeam.uk is a simple one - to solve the problems of the current RMTs and to provide a community driven resource where managers can request their team be rated in a structred way and by users whom they are confident they can trust.

Our key goals are:

  • To provide free access to a helpful and friendly place for all FPL RMTs whatever your usual main FPL community is (be it FISO, Fantasy Football Scout, Fantasy YIRMA, etc).
  • To link with (and not attempt to replace) the myriad of excellent blogs, fan sites and forums that make up the fantasy football landscape.
  • To provide a structured and consistent mechanism for rating FPL teams, that is comparable between versions of teams or between two completely separate teams.
  • To encourage and reward the reviewing of other people's teams, whether or not your team is being reviewed.
  • To allow an optional private dialog between reviewer and reviewee.
  • To let the community decide who the good team reviewers are (and by extension who's advice should be given more weight) and to emphasise that community driven reputation so that you know if you can trust the advice being given to you.
  • To let the community run itself with no all-powerful external administrators or moderators.

Here is an example RMT, while everything you could want to know about our site can be found on the how it works page.

Fostering a Community

We realise that fantasy football communities already centre around other large sites such as FISO and Fantasy Football Scout. We cannot replace these sites (and have no desire to do so) as the centre of a community because they do excellent jobs at fostering discussions and providing very high quality editorial.

When you sign up with us, you can chose which of the main FPL communities you wish to "represent" (or you can choose a country/organisation of your choice rather than an FPL community). Representing a fantasy football community allows you to more easily focus on just the teams of other managers whom you will already know (i.e. the ones in your community), but it is also easy to work with anyone from any fantasy football community regardless of who you represent.

Users on our site have a reputation score which is increased by interacting positively with the community. Each RMT a user submits can be upvoted or downvoted by the owner of the team that was reviewed. All the upvotes add reputation points while downvotes remove reputation points. Gold, silver and bronze medals can also optionally be awarded to the reviewer for particularly excellent feedback. Other positive community actions, plus high performance in FPL, will also add to the reputation of an individual user.

As user reputation grows over time, users with high reputation can generally be viewed as more helpful and trustworthy than those with lower reputations. That is because these higher reputation users have consistently contributed positively to the community. You can already see a list of the current top users.

In the future, when very high rated users reach a certain level, they will be allowed access to administrative functions to run the site on behalf of the community. Any member reaching these levels will be given the same rights and there will be no special selection policy beyond being a highly positive contributor.

More information about the community features of our site can be found on the how it works page.

Side Games

To inject little fun into the gaps between RMTs we encourage participation in FPL side games, which use your FPL teams scoring in novel ways to compete in customised competitions. Current themes include "Starwars", "Olympic Heptathlon", "Cricket Twenty20" and "World Cup".

Users earn reputation for performing well in side games, and this allows your skill as an FPL manager to contribute to your overall reputation (we verify that users own the FPL account they use in side games - so nobody can register the number one team in the world unless they own it!).

In the future we hope to run one-off customised side games between the different FPL communities, and even hope to run sponsored custom side games on behalf of the FPL communities being represented. Full details of our side games can be found on the how it works page.